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At Jia Yi Construction, we believe that we have a part to play in shaping the social and environmental impact of construction. We do so by carrying out our business operations in a responsible manner and contributing regularly to our community.

Workplace Safety and Health
Our people are the most important asset of our business. To ensure their safety and wellbeing, we implement comprehensive workplace safety and health practices across all projects and set high safety requirements.


Besides conducting safety induction courses for new workers on site, toolbox meetings and risk assessment briefings are conducted every morning to raise safety awareness and cultivate a safety-first mindset among our workers. We also send our employees and subcontractors for regular safety training.  

Environment and Community
We have also been awarded the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green and Gracious Builder Merit Award for adopting environmentally-friendly and gracious practices.


Where possible, the Group reduces, reuses and recycles our construction and office materials and uses environmentally-friendly products. We also construct our buildings to be energy-efficient. To address public concerns on construction, we adopt good communication practices with residents living near our worksites and minimise inconvenience caused due to our operations.


For more information on our CSR efforts, please visit our news section.







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