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Construction is a dynamic and complex trade. To maintain our competitive edge, we invest unsparingly in technology and training our people, of which the most prioritized arena is the safety health occupational responsibility.

Apart from our day-to-day updates and reinforcement of safety related information via official websites, news articles and conference papers pinned on our notice boards, we also carry out detailed presentations using related posters during our tool box meetings. On top of that, we constantly and consistently engage specialised trainers to provide relevant trainings for our staffs, especially for high risk and difficult jobs.

As a habitual practice before the commencement of every project, our safety team will perform comprehensive briefings for all relevant stakeholders, so as to prevent potential hazards and thus minimize the rate of incidents at site. To ensure the competency and adequacy of our safety team to supervise every project effectively, it is compulsory for them to attend every safety committee meeting, so as to understand and keep themselves abreast of all safety precautions. Meanwhile, safety code of practice updates and issues and challenges encounted in every site are shared and discussed during our periodic safety committee meetings, aiding in prevention of similar problems at other sites and thus increase safety and work efficiency.         

We have also adopted the Total WSH program, organized by WSH Council, in view of creating a safe and healthy workplace environment for all employees, and therefore enhancing the well-being of everyone. On top of that, we have put significant focus on “ON the job and OFF the job” trainings, totaling S$199,806.19 for the year 2018 for external trainings costs. In addition, as part of our company’s improvement and employee empowerment effort, we have invested S$365,000 in 2018 on various constructive items, such as:

o Safety Application

o Fleet Management (Tracking Device)

o Drone

o Helmet Camera

o Tools Restraint

o NASO Filter

o Portable Drill Machine

o BMI Equipments

o Team Bonding & Wellbeing

o Health Screening

o Monthly WSH Performance Award

o Yearly WSH Performance Award

o Yearly Environmental Performance Award

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